Luvdisc Amigurumi Pattern


  • 2mm hook
  • Stylecraft Special DK in Powder Pink & Fondant
  • Polyester toy filling
  • Darning needle
  • Stitch markers (I prefer using scrap yarn as “stitch markers”)
  • Fibres in Black, White & Light Pink for needle felting*
  • Needle felting tool*

* Please note that I have used needle felting to create the eyes and cheecks. Needle felting is still quite new to me so I will not be including instructions on how to do this. You may want to look into alternative ways of creating these.


Luvdisc is approximately 7cm from front to back, and approximately 1-1.5cm in width.

Weight: 15grams (this includes all materials used to make Luvdisc)


ch chain
dc double crochet
st/sts stitch/es
sl st slip stitch
inc dc 2 in one st
dec decrease; insert hook in the front loop of the next two sts, yarn over, pull through both loops, y.o. and pull through remaining two loops –> one dc placed into two sts


Luvdisc is worked in one piece – no assembly needed.




Yarn: Powder Pink & Fondant

Starting with Powder Pink

Round 1: dc 4 in Magic Ring (4)
R2: inc in all sts around (8)
R3: dc 8
R4: (dc, inc) x 4 (12)

Change colour to Fondant

R5: in the back loops only, dc 12
R6: (dc, inc, dc) x 4 (16)
R7: dc 16
R8: (dc, inc) x 8 (24)
R9: dc 24
R10: (dc 3, inc) x 6 (30)
R11: dc 30
R12: (dc 2, inc, dc 2) X 6 (36)
R13: (inc, dc 5) x 6 (42)
R14: dc 42
R15: (dc 6, inc) x 6 (48)
R16-20: dc 48

Without fastening off we are now going to work the first top side of the heart

R21: dc 12, skip the next 24 sts, and dc 12 in the last 12 sts of the round (24). We will now only work in these 24 sts
R22: dc 24
R23: (dec, dc2) x 2, dec, dc, inc, inc, dc, dec, (dc 2, dec) x 2 (20)
R24: (dec, dc) x 3, dc 2, (dc, dec) x 3 (14)
R25: dec x 7

Fasten off and sew in loose end by inserting darning needle in the front loop of each st and pull tight to close the hole.

Start Stuffing the body and first side of the heart.

We will now work on the second top side of the heart, first attach yarn with sl st into the first unworked st (the 13th st).

R21: dc in the same st as sl st, dc in each of the remaining 23 sts (24)
R22: dc 24
R23: inc, dc, dec, (dc 2, dec), (dec, dc2) x 2, dec, dc, inc (20)

Stuff further if needed.

R24: (dc, dec) x 3, dc 2, (dec, dc) x 3 (14)
R25: dec x 7

Fasten off and sew in loose end by inserting darning needle in the front loop of each st and pull tight to close the hole.



I have used fibres in black, white and light pink to needlefelt the eyes and cheeks.


Please do not reprint, sell or claim the pattern as your own. I’ve loved writing this pattern so please don’t forget to credit the pattern designer.

INSTAGRAM – I would love to see your creations! Don’t forget to tag me in your post or on your photo (@loopycathrine), and don’t forget to use #loopycathrineamigurumi

RAVELRY – I’m also on Ravelry so come find me and my other pattern there!

For any questions in relation to this pattern, please comment below and I will do my best to respond.

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